We provide a range of services which we specially design to meet our client’s needs.

These services include;

Training & Development

  • Instructor Training
  • Communication Training
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Training Communication

Leadership & Management Development

  • The Australian Leader
  • The Oz Model of Management
  • Organisation and Culture Change Management
  • Giving Feedback and Coaching skills
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Performance Management and Reviews

Business Development

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Building an effective Practice
  • Quality Service
  • Strategic and Conceptual Selling
  • Successful Strategies for working a room/Networking

Personal Development

  • Achieving Balance
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Attitude and Change

For course descriptions and to discuss content and please contact us at info@training-hrprojects.com.au

  • Performance Management Systems – A planned and coordinated program that is designed to align Job Descriptions, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Training Needs and Performance Reviews. Online design and management are also available.
  • HR Operation, Policy and Procedures - A range of outsourced HR services to provide cost effective solutions. These services include Policy and Procedures Manuals (on-line), Performance Management and Termination, EEO, Employment Contracts and Recruitment.
  • Coaching – One on one coaching to help managers and/or staff address specific issues and areas requiring skill development.
  • Training and Development Needs Analysis and Program Design – Align the needs of the organisation with the skills of your people and identify training to fill the gaps.
  • Retention and Attraction Projects – Analyse the needs, trends and gaps in human capital and devise marketing campaigns to attract and retain talent.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) Profiles

The Whole Brain Model

Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® methodology is based on proven research into how people think and communicate.  HBDI allows people to understand their own as well as others’ preferred style of behaviour and communication; this in turn translates to better teamwork and productivity.

When employees put Whole Brain Thinking to work, they approach problems, communications and planning more effectively.

They break out of self-limiting patterns that interfere with productivity, innovation and creativity.

With better thinking across the enterprise, organisations get better results—and the competitive advantage that comes with them.

Source: www.herrmanninternational.com